Terms of Services

We want to make sure that you will only get the best services from us. This includes giving you enough privacy to enjoy our website. We are dedicated in making sure that all of your information will be kept safe. We know that you value your privacy and we value your privacy as well. We have a privacy policy which will state how we get, use, store, and disclose the information given by the users of our website.

Ability to Accept Terms of License

You accept that you have the right to enter the website. You accept that you are more than 18 years of age. You are capable and competent to understand the rules and regulations set by the website. You are aware of the terms that are stated in this license. You are not allowed to enter this website if you are under 18 years of age.

Changes to This License

We have the right to change some aspects about this license agreement any time. You are responsible for checking the changes that may occur from time to time. Your continued use of the website means that you accept any changes made to this license.

User and Website Content

User content refers to materials that you leave behind or exchange while using our website. Our website may contain links that can be connected to other websites. There are advertisements that we have no control over. We do not accept any responsibility for the information you have shared though our website that has been taken by third party websites. By using our service, you have full acceptance that we are not responsible for any damages that may entail.

If while using our services, you find content that you find to be offensive, remember that continued use of our service means that you accept these content. We shall not held responsible for content that has offended you. You grant our website complete use of the media that you have shared, royalty-free. We have the right to use the content used to promote our website.

User’s Obligations

You take full responsibility for all of the actions that you will do while using the website. If you encounter any breach of security or other issues, contact the website immediately. We will not be held liable for any damages or loss that occur when someone uses your account with or without your consent. You should make an effort to keep details about yourself confidential so that your identity will be safe and protected. You can link materials to the services we offer but we have the right to stop providing the service anytime. We do not condone the use of third party material that is used to offend, discriminate, and harm people in any way. We do not allow you to use our services in order to harass or to be a nuisance to other people who are also using our services. We do not allow you to use our services to promote your business. We do not allow the reproduction of our services to any other website in any way. We require that your user account is your account alone. We do not allow you to harvest or get information with the use of our services. 


This license is effective unless it is already stopped by you or by us. You have the right to cut your ties with the website any time that you please. We have the right to terminate your use of our services if you do not comply with the agreements stated above. We shall stop you from entering the website again. We also have the power to suspend the use of your account if we find important details that prove that you are not following the agreement. You are in breach of the agreement if you are found to use the website in order to get information for a third party; you are exploiting and not following the rules we have set; you are using our services to break the law.

All of the terms stated in this agreement shall be followed by the user as long as the services of he website is being used.

Warranty Disclaimer

You explicitly recognize and concur that utilization of the administration are at your sole hazard. The ability to provide palatable quality, execution, precision, and exertion depends on you and what you do. Minus all potential limitations, degree, the website, the officers, and representatives renounce all guarantees whether for express, suggested or statutory. We don't warrant that you will get continuous happiness when you use our services. We also cannot assure that the use of our services will be continuous or blunder free. We also cannot guarantee that deformities in the administration will be amended. There is nor oral or composed data or counsel given by us which means that there is no guarantee.

Limitation of Liability

In no occasion will the websites, its officers, or workers be at risk to you. This is for any immediate, aberrant, coincidental, uncommon, reformatory, or considerable harm at all subsequent from individual damage, or accidental, circuitous or weighty harms at all,which includes, without any restriction, blunders, slip-ups,or mistakes of material, individual damage or property harm, of any nature or way at all, subsequent from your utilization of our services, Any disapproved access to our safe servers, as well as any other individual data available. Or potentially monetary data, any interference or suspension, or transmission to any of our servers, any viruses which may be transferred to the administration by any outsider, harms for loss of benefits, loss of information, business intrusion or some other harms to the business, emerging ou of or identified with your utilization or powerlessness to utilize the administration, however caused, paying little heed to the hypothesis of obligation (contract, or something else) and regardless of whether we have been educated concerning the likelihood of such harms. The previous restriction of risk might apply minus all potential limitations allowed by the law.

Intellectual Property Rights

All of our services are protected by copyright. We own all of the title, copyright, and all of the intellectual property rights of the website. We own all of the services and all of its copies. We also own modifications, derivative works, and even software. The use of our services does not mean that ownership will be transferred to you.


The laws of the state is the primary basis of the laws and the agreements stated in this license. We agree that the state is in charge of handling claims or disputes over the use of our services as it is under their jurisdiction. The use of our website’s services may also correspond to the laws of another state, country, or region.


The user will compensate the officers, the website, and everyone related to the website if the license agreement is not followed by you. This will include fees and costs. This is in connection with any dispute or issues that may be acquired during the whole process.